On the islands off the shores of Bali, seagrass grows wild and is made into everything
from baskets to beautiful seagrass furniture.

OCEANSIDE LIVING AND DECOR, has been manufacturing furniture, made in Bali
since 2005 by experienced craftsmen. Warehoused in southern California, it is ready to
be delivered to small coastal cottages, condos, large elegant estates across America,
especially along the eastern seaboard of the United States. within 2 - 8 business days.
Water hyacinth as shown in the photos above, reveals the natural reed colors with
variations of dark and light tones, and provides a beach living environment in one's
home, business, or hotel.  

Water hyacinth is incredibly strong, with nylon-like fibers inside the reeds with a hard
shell casing.  After woven, sealed and protected with 2 coats of clear lacquer finish, the
furniture is compared to the strength of steel cable, is certified by the manufacturer as
90% organic. Renewable, sustainable and healthy to our mother earth, this furniture
won't end up in landfills and on the bottom of our oceans as does metal, or iron
furniture.  Also water hyacinth seagrass is very durable; it doesn't easily break or snap
like rattan.  Once rattan is broken, the entire piece of furniture is of no use and can't be
repaired.  Seagrass CAN be repaired very easily, and will last for decades with proper
care.  It has been said that seagrass actually provides healing to one's body, and the
100% cotton seat and pillow covers are organic as well, and treated with an eco-friendly
solution. They are water repellent and soil guarded...How great this is.  You can enjoy
white and off white fabric with no worries, as the liquids will bead up like mercury and
roll off.  With a damp, clean cloth, simply wipe over the fabric and soil marks disappear.
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